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Window Box Ideas

Flower Window Boxes is proud to showcase our gallery of window box pictures from many of our customers to show off all of their creative window box ideas with our no rot window boxes.  If you've purchased a window box from us we'd love to add your pictures to our gallery!!  Check back often to see new window boxes and what our customers did to decorate their homes.  The best part is that our PVC window boxes are built to last virtually forever and will never rot to capture these moments for a lifetime.  Enjoy our showcase of great winter, spring, summer, and fall window box ideas.  Click here if you are interested in ordering one of our flower boxes or planters.

Composite Shutters Gallery
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of our No Rot shutters
Cedar Gables and Brackets Gallery
Cedar Curb Appeal
Brackets, Corbels, and Gables
 Terrace Planters
Michael G.
Terrace Planters
Coco Fiber Wrought Iron Window Box
Dorothy O.
Coco Liner Metal Box
 Window Box Evergreens
Paula O.
Evergreens and Petunias
 Curved Deck Rail Planters
Judy A.
 Farniente Winery Window Box
Farniente Winery
Real Copper Aged Window Box
Vancouver, Canada Window Box

White Flowers
Vancouver, Canada Window Box
Freestanding Planter
Franco Arena
Window Ledge Planter

Ohio Window Boxes
Stephanie R.
Liberty Township, Ohio
Vermont Window Boxes
Kim M.
St. Albans, Vermont 
 Large Planters with Trees
Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pink Impatiens in Window Flower Box
Ron and Sandra T.
Pink Impatiens 
 Deck Rail Planters with Water Reservoir
Jim M.
Berger, NJ
 Window Boxes North Carolina
Paul and Penny B.
Winston Salem, North Carolina
 Window Boxes South Carolina
Wesley G.
Greenville, South Carolina
Shutters and Window Boxes
 Cathy C.
Valley Center, CA
 Window Boxes Ohio
Jenny W.
 Springboro, Ohio
 Fall and Winter Window Box Ideas

Barb H.
Metal Window Box on Rail
John S.
Long Grove, IL. 
Deck Rail Planters in Canada
Marian M.
Ontario, Canada  
 Cabin Window Boxes
Pocono Cabin
Wood Colored Brown Window Boxes
Kathy K.
Brown Painted Window Boxes 
Pretty Windowboxes in Michigan
Steve D.
Okemos, Michigan
 Dormer Window Boxes
Rebecca M.
Rochester, New York
Hanging Vine Windowbox
Valerie H.
Pittsburgh, PA 
Orange and Blue Flowers in Windowbox
Paul M.
Laconia, NH 

 Window Boxes in New York
Mary Jo G.
Rochester, New York
Window Boxes Iowa 
Susan G.
Newhall, Iowa
Corner Window Boxes
Wayne S.
 PVC Cottage Window Box
Charleston w/ #3 Style Brackets
Brooklyn, New York Window Boxes
Vanessa M.
Brooklyn, New York 
Maine Window Boxes
Susan S.
Vinal Haven, Maine
 Monroe, Michigan Window Boxes
Melinda H.
Monroe, Michigan
Two Window Boxes Side by Side
Melanie O.
Mums in Flower Box
Debbie L.
Kansas City, MO
 Utah Window Boxes
Edna C.
West Jordan, Utah
Cincinnati, Ohio Window Boxes 
Elyse G.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Window Boxes Illinois
Diana B.
Aurora, Illinois  
 Window Boxes Illinois
Amy W.
Clarenton Hills, Illinois
 Michigan Window Boxes
Stacey M.
Trenton, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois Window Boxes
Linda L.
Chicago, Illinois
 Window Boxes Iowa
Danae W.
Akron, Iowa
Salinas, California Window Boxes
Maureen W.
Salinas, California
Woodstown, New Jersey Window Boxes
Stephen H.
Woodstown, New Jersey
 Michigan Window Boxes 
Dawn F.
Mendon, Michigan
Window Boxes Minnesota
Jill S.
Lakeville, Minnesota 
Syracuse, New York Window Boxes
Dan P.
Syracuse, New York 
Hauppauge, New York Window Boxes
Mary B.
HauppaugeNew York
Beach Planters Wedding
Robert K.
Daytona Beach Wedding
Black Window Box with Metal Brackets
Caroline D.
Long Meadow Country Club

 Copper Window Box
Robert Black
Custom Copper Finish

If you have a window box photograph or idea that you'd like to have featured on our website, please submit to us by email at  We are proud to showcase the creative windowbox ideas of all of our customers.  Customers always want to know what kind of ideas they can use for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Flower Window Boxes is happy to have an extensive gallery featuring our window boxes all over the nation and a long list of satisfied customers who have sent in their pictures of their own creative window box ideas.  We have shipped window boxes to the following places:

New York
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Carolina
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia
New Mexico


and more..

For information about if we ship to you and for international inquiries, please call us at 678.455.8797.
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