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 All of our window boxes are designed to have optimal drainage.  We place 1/4" drain holes in the bottom in a cross pattern so that our window boxes drain in all areas of the box evenly.  We also comparmentalize large boxes so that each compartment can be optimally watered the proper amount.  The best part of our PVC window boxes is that do not need liners for protection.  You can simply put dirt and water directly into the box and not worry because they are 100% water resistant.  However, it is recommended that you put down one of two types of filtration in the bottom of the box first.  1. A thin 1/2" layer of pea gravel on the bottom most layer of box.  What this does is trap the potting mix above the gravel while allowing water to wiggle around and escape through the drain holes.  This does two things, it cleans the water out before it drains and it prevents your drain holes from clogging with dirt over time and leading to drainage issues later.  Small pea gravel works better than larger by creating tighter fits that make it harder for soil to squeeze through.  2.  Instead of pea gravel you can use black landscape fabric in addition to or instead.  This is the black tightly woven fabric used in flower beds for weed control and available and any garden supply store.  Simply cut a strip long and wide enough to cover the bottom of the box and drain holes.  It will work like an outdoor coffee filter by trapping soil above but allowing water to flow through.  This accomplishes the same thing as the pea gravel method.  In fact you can use both methods to ensure optimal filtration if you choose.  Once you've put down a layer of filtration you are ready to put your self watering reservoir in on top of that and then cover everything with potting mix.  Lastly, finish with your plants and flowers.  If you have more questions about our drainage system, please give us a call.

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